How to apply lace closures and hair weave

Top lace closures are the hair pieces that is sewn onto the crown of your head or at the front top of your head. Strands of hair are applied to a little hair top that imitates your scalp. With the top closure, you can part your hair on top of your head, which makes your hair weave look more regular.

As the name infers, top lace closure pieces are utilized toward the finish of the sticking procedure. They obscure any undeniable distinction between a paste in hair weaves and sew-in hair augmentations. Top closures are constantly placed at the crown of the head after hair wefts are stuck in for a uniform entire head of hair look. The lace that closure hair is joined to is tissue conditioned, giving the presence of a characteristic development of hair from the top of the scalp. Because of the mixture of weave hair with scalp hair required for sew-ins, isolate top closures are a bit much. Without closures be that as it may, stuck in hair seems to sit on top of scalp hair for a deficient hairdo and an unnatural look. ( good cheap weave hair )

Things You’ll Need


Hair piece lace closures:

Sewing needle

1.Create cornrow in your regular hair. Brush the hair straight back and begin making little meshes from the front to the back of the head. The meshes ought to be little and lay level on your head.

Make a removable weave top. Sticking hair wefts and top closures onto a top keeps the paste from pulling at your hair upon evacuation – and diminishes the odds of unfavorably susceptible skin responses. ( cheap hair weave bundles )

2.Leave the top of the head open when sewing in the hair augmentations. This is the place the hair top closures will be sewn in.

Put a weave top onto a wig head, with the goal that you can guarantee that the hair is being stuck on equally. As the hair is stuck on the top, so it will show up on your head. (real hair weave extensions )

3.Place the top closure on top of head. It ought to extend over the top of the crown on the head.

Apply a thin layer of paste to the edge of your hair wefts. Thick paste can recolor the hair weft.

4.Use a sewing needle and string to begin sewing the top closure to the cornrows on top of your head. Sew all through the cornrow twists and through the hair closure. Gradually make a hover until you get to the focal point of the closure.

Apply the hair wefts to the top from left to right – starting at the scruff of the neck – and climb. Removed the closures of the weft that stretch out past the hairline, until you get to the level of the ears. Layer the wefts near one another to avoid holes

5.Knot the string off and cut it off. Delicately sift through the closure and part it as you yearning.

6.Glue the hair in a roundabout design from the left ear to the correct ear around the brow to one side sanctuary. This will guarantee a layer of hair will be before your closure, so the closure hair will have some hair to mix into at the front of your head.

7.Glue consequent wefts in a semi-roundabout mold. Stick these wefts up to the sanctuary so the brow hair does not show up too thick. Leave a hover about the extent of your closure at the top of the top exposed.

8.Squirt or sprinkle a thin layer of paste to the uncovered hover at the top of your top. Apply your closure. The closure hair will mix with the stuck weave wefts for a characteristic from-the-scalp appearance.


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