How to Do Crochet Braids for Black Hair

Crochet braids are a non-substance approach to have straight hair for most African-American ladies. The procedure requires no hair paste or tops, so harm to the hair and scalp is insignificant. Crocheting braids in your hair can enable you to change your hair shading to coordinate your outfit or change your normally short hair into long streaming tresses for an extraordinary event.

Start your style by isolating your hair into little equivalent areas on your head, separating the hair from front to back. Start making little french braids in each segment by grabbing a one inch segment from your isolated line to braid, and afterward including more hair from the line with each bunch of your braid. Cornrow braid the whole head of hair from the brow to the scruff of the neck. Secure each line with an elastic band. This lays the arrangement for every single craved style.

Slide the snare end of the crochet needle under the primary braid of the cornrow on the left half of the head with the snare indicating upwards.

Overlap a little area of your bundled hair down the middle, holding it to leave a circle toward the end.

Put the collapsed end of the hair around the snare of the crochet needle and force the hair under the cornrow.

Utilizing your fingers, pull the two remaining details of the bundled hair through the circle and fix. The strand ought to lay over the highest point of the column, covering the characteristic braided hair.

Keep crocheting the hair down the cornrow leaving just little spaces between the columns until the whole head is secured.

Trim your hair to the coveted style. Layered looks and Bob styles are prominent with crochet braids alongside long streaming one-length looks. Evacuate the additional locks by basically trimming the bundled hair at the crocheted circle.

Tips and Warnings

Utilizing bundled human hair gives a more normal look to the hairdo. Manufactured hair is simpler to utilize and is more affordable. On the off chance that a pig tail look, or since a long time ago braided look is wanted, start crocheting at the crown of the make a beeline for the base of the neck.

In the event that the cornrows are not secured at the finishes, the crocheted hair can come free. Cornrows should be tight to the make a beeline for maintain a strategic distance from uneven hang of the acquired hair.